Garage Doors, Repair & Service in Minneapolis MN

Since 1974, Industrial Door Company, Inc. has been serving the garage door industry. 

Industrial Door Company, Inc. D.B.A IDC-Automatic Garage Door is an installing garage door dealer in the Minneapolis, MN area.

Industrial Door Company, Inc. D.B.A Industrial Spring and Holmes Manufacturing produces the highest quality garage door springs for garage door manufacturers, garage door wholesalers and garage door distributors throughout the world. We are proud to say that many of the largest manufacturers trust Industrial Spring and Holmes Manufacturing to buy their springs.   We currently have three locations based out of Piqua, Ohio; Tempe, Arizona and Coon Rapids, Minnesota.

Holmes Spring Manufacturing out of Phoenix, Arizona joined our family of companies in 2007, expanding our services to the West Coast and Southwest. Today, Industrial Spring Company and Holmes Spring Manufacturing offer a comprehensive product line which includes: replacement springs, torsion springs, extension springs, one-piece garage door hardware, garage door spring winding kits, spring fittings, one Piece Extension Springs, Mini Storage Replacement Springs and Square Wire Springs.

In 2013, Industrial Spring expanded to the East opening a manufacturing facility in Piqua, Ohio.  This move will allow an expanded area with cost savings to the East Coast.

Our team is here to serve you!  The Industrial Door Company family of companies operates on a firm tradition of bringing you quality springs and service solutions that are first in every class.

A Tradition of Quality

Manufacturing springs for garage doors and installing doors may sound simple, but doing it correctly, time after time, requires attention to detail and craftsmanship that only comes from talented people. Fortunately for our customers, we’re full of them! The employees of Industrial Door Company are proud to offer you quality springs for garage doors and exceptional customer service. We are as committed to serving our customers as we are to the craft of making garage door springs. 

                                                                                                                        ---Jodi Boldenow

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